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03/2016 09:44, Report by Arash Bahrami

"It’s a big game but normally we play against a club in Europe. It’s fantastic for the fans, but only when we beat Liverpool. When you lose, everyone is disappointed.

"The feeling is different here; it’s more deep in the life of the fans. Of course, I have noticed that also in Spain and Germany but it was less deep than here. It’s fantastic to see and it's one aspect why I wanted to come here, to have that experience.

"I like to see it because you can see the heart of the club and also the feeling that they are with you every game. It’s nice for the players, I think, but also nice for the manager."

"I want to win every game and when I lose I’m very disappointed. You can see that – my body language is very expressive, I think. It’s curious that Manchester United have beaten Liverpool so many times in my period, because I have lost matches against other opponents.

"I think it’s also good for me because when I beat teams like Liverpool, then the appreciation is bigger from the fans, so I hope we shall beat them for the fifth time and the sixth time also. More for the fans than for myself because, as I’ve already said, I want to win every game."

Body language yg mana ya? Yg ini?

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