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Default Re: [EPL] Manchester City 0-0 Manchester United

Jose Mourinho close to being hit by a television camera as City fan fails to spot offside decision: 11 things you missed from the Manchester derby

* Debate over Arsene Wenger's future continues to rage on... in Manchester
* Wayne Rooney believes he's still a 'top level' striker but was once again benched
* Marcus Rashford backs up his words by wearing black boots on Thursday night
* Manchester City fans again accused of not turning up in their numbers at home
* One City fan fails to realise that Gabriel Jesus's goal was disallowed
* One television camera got a little bit too close to Jose Mourinho before the game

Marouane Fellaini's red card dominated the Manchester derby as neither City or United could break each other down.

The incident in the second half as well as Gabriel Jesus's disallowed goal caught the headlines, but there was much more to come out of Thursday night's fixture.

Thankfully Sportsmail kept a close eye on proceedings to bring you 11 things you missed.

Lingard the diplomat

Marouane Fellaini's red card was rather daft. A clear headbutt on Manchester City's Sergio Aguero. It certainly livened up what had at times been a fairly uneventful second half.

What you may not have seen is Jesse Lingard's contribution following the event. Fellaini tried to confront referee Martin Atkinson. Never a good idea. Lingard knew that and gave the midfielder a pat on the back before appearing to say 'just go'.

It was just a shame that he couldn't have escorted the Belgian down the tunnel given Fellaini's attempts to also speak to fourth official Neil Swarbrick.

Jesse Lingard approaches Fellaini to try and calm him down after the red card incident. Lingard appeared to pat Fellaini on the back before telling him to leave the pitch

One City fan fails to spot offside flag

She must have thought that was it. The moment she'd been waiting for. City finally taking the lead. Unfortunately for City fans, Gabriel Jesus's header that beat David de Gea in the 91st was ruled out as the Brazilian striker was offside.

It took a couple of seconds for referee Atkinson to notice and he rightly blew his whistle to disallow the goal. However, one City fan, sporting the club's 1998-99 away shirt (black and yellow) didn't spot the flag and continued celebrating.

The moment when she finally realises makes for quite the picture.

A north London debate in Manchester

Arsene Wenger's future isn't just a topic for those in north London. No, it seems as though both set of supporters in Manchester want to be part of the debate too.

One supporter was photographed before the Manchester derby with a rather cryptic t-shirt. 'Wengerin.com, the best result for Manchester,' it read. A banner of support was also flown over the Etihad during the game.

Clearly both the t-shirt and the banner were made before City's FA Cup semi-final defeat by the Gunners. United are yet to beat Wenger's side this season too.

The debate over Arsene Wenger's future seems to have made its way to Manchester

A plane flew over the Etihad during Thursday's match trailing a sign that reads 'Wengerin.com'

'Top level' Wayne benched again

Wayne Rooney was in quite a buoyant mood before the Manchester derby. He told the Sky Sports cameras that he was still capable of playing at the very 'top level' of the game and was out to prove himself.

The striker made that point following United's 2-0 away win at Burnley in which he scored. He possibly thought he'd have a chance of starting against City but that wasn't to be.

The bench was where he started the game and it was also where he finished it.

Wayne Rooney started on the bench for the Premier League game against Manchester City

Black boots... back to basics for Rashford

Fancy footwear is the norm in modern football but Marcus Rashford made yet another bold statement in his very young career so far.

The striker said earlier this week: 'Nowadays with sponsorships it is a case of "there is the boot, you wear it" and there is not much you can do about it. However, if it was my choice it would always be black.'

Whether he had conversations with the marketing team at Nike or not, Rashford appeared at the Etihad wearing black boots albeit with a tinge of red. A man of his word.

Marcus Rashford wore black boots after saying it would always be his choice to do so

'Is this a library, is this a library...'

A famous terrace chant sung often by away fans at the Etihad. They deserve credit for belting out Blue Moon for most of the match, but was it really acceptable for there to be so many empty seats on Thursday night?

Sportsmail's Dominic King pointed it out as did so many others. Was it that so many simply opted to watch it on the telly or that some tickets were being sold for 58? 54,176 was the official attendance given by City. The Etihad has a capacity of 55,097.

The atmosphere is something that City are attempting to address. Indeed, we reported earlier this week that Guardiola wants the club to find ways of improving the situation. He won't have been too happy to see the Etihad hadn't sold out for one of the biggest fixtures of the season.

Too close camera man, too close

The art of the close-up. The cameras are never far away from Mourinho whether it's at a stadium or outside The Lowry Hotel. He realises he is very much centre of attention and as manager of Manchester United he is is hot property.

But it seems as though someone wanted to get a little closer than usual at the Etihad. Just as he was about to take his seat in the away dugout, a camera was thrust in his face. It was, if you like, the extreme close-up.

Mourinho was about to take his seat in the away dugout when one camera got rather close

Guardiola continues to get the better of Mourinho

The latest episode of Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola was as over-hyped as you'd expect. Probably rightly too given what both are trying to achieve in the Premier League this season.

Mourinho hasn't thought twice about naming and shaming a number of his players as this season has progressed. Luke Shaw one week, Chris Smalling the next. Perhaps it's time to assess Mourinho with a bit more scrutiny.

His record against Guardiola is a good place to start. The pair first came up against each other when Inter Milan played Barcelona in the Champions League in September 2009. Mourinho manager of Inter and Guardiola in charge of Barcelona. 0-0 the score that night. But since then it's been a rather one-sided affair.

In their previous 18 meetings, Mourinho had won four, drawn six and lost eight. Make that one more draw now. Not exactly impressive.

United's possession the lowest since records began

Important to also note that Mourinho's United side had just 31 per cent possession on Thursday night. It was their lowest in Premier League history since records began.

For a manager who has openly criticised his rivals for supposedly boring football, his side failed to control any part of the Manchester derby. You could argue he failed to control his players given the lack of discipline Fellaini showed.

Have your cake and eat it, Anders

Anders Lindegaard clearly wanted to show his support to his former team by tweeting a picture of him at the match. 'Come on United,' accompanied the picture.

The Preston North End goalkeeper, who spent five years at Old Trafford, possibly should have looked at the cake he was about to eat before taking a picture.

Then again, it could have been a metaphor for wanting United to demolish City.

Anders Lindegaard tweeted a picture of him eating a cake ahead of the match

Half-and-half scarves are not only nonsense but they're also wrong...

They dominate the memorabilia stalls at every Premier League ground. They divide opinion but they still sell. It was exactly the case on Thursday night at the Etihad.

One of the fiercest rivalries in the country was made to look fairly tame as one football fan held up a half-and-half scarf. City on the left and United on the right. Even Mourinho didn't look too impressed as he had his photo taken with one fan wearing one of the scarves.

And if combining the two clubs wasn't worse enough, the scarf also referenced the 'Premiership', as opposed to the Premier League.

Anyone remotely interested in football would know that England's top division hasn't been called the 'Premiership' since the 2006-07 season when Carling sponsored the league.

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Default Re: [EPL] Manchester City 0-0 Manchester United

baru kali ini nonton derby manchester sampai ketiduran

bangun tidur cek live$core ealah kacamata,paginya nonton yutub liat hilitenya... ah beruntungnya masih punya david,dan pemain kaya gitu rela dijual musim depan ,emang sih 1 kiper ga bisa bikin gol yang bisa memenangkan pertandingan,tapi 1 kiper bisa menyelamatkan 10 kawan lainnya
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